Teaching/ educational lead is Dr Neil Burgess.

On NITU we have both formal and informal teaching
  • We have formal teaching Tuesday and Thursday
  • Initially it will be consultant delivered for a month – please find the tameable below and on the look at the calendar on the HOME page
     A Timetable is attached
  • A trainee or clinical fellow (yes one of you) will be assigned a topic after this to present with a consultant supervisor for questions prior or during the talk.

    We are also not expecting a literature review, but rather an overview and interactive discussion. Please focus on intensive care management
Please make sure if you are down to present you have a talk available on the day, as well as check the IT is compatible with the computer in the seminar room (it can be temperamental)
As part of the feedback for this talk, could I ask you to download a QR Reader to your smartphone as we have an online feedback mechanism. It is free from app store or google play.

Formal timetabled educational opportunities are as follows and trainee’s are encouraged to attend.

Tuesday: 13:00 – 14:00 every week CITU runs a junior teaching programme specific for Cardiac topics

Lunchtime GITU talk – timetable to start in September

Wednesday: 12:30 – 13:00  every week NITU weekly Morbidity and Mortality meeting – Consultants office NITU

14:00 -16:00 Second Wednesday of month – GITU SHO teaching GITU Seminar room open to all critical care SHO type grade, General ITU topics

Thursday: 08:45 – 09:30 Weekly NITU teaching (TIMETABLE ATTACHED)

14:00 – 16:00 First Thursday of month – NITU Clinical Governance Meeting

Informal teaching opportunities

  • We encourage questions and ward rounds should be educational as well as service delivered.
  • As part of our commitment  to ensure you get the most out of your time here, if you have any concerns please discuss them with your mentor / ES.
  • If the NITU is overstaffed for the day, you may have the opportunity to pursue interests outside NITU, but please discuss with the consultant of the day.
Prior to NITU all trainee’s will either be allocated a designated Educational Supervisor if they are new to the trust or a dedicated Mentor (NITU consultant) if you already have an Educational Supervisor. If you are on a Deanery training programme, your college tutor will allocate you an ES.
If you have any problems on NITU please contact your ES or mentor or myself and they can discuss any problems.
A mentor is just somebody to come to if you have any specific issues on NITU and need a helpful ear, they do not replace your ES for all educational issues

Please liaise with the responsible consultant PRIOR to your presentation for help and advice. Please make sure that you are available the day of your allocated teaching. If not, is your responsibility to swap.  

Weekly teaching during your placement

NITU teaching Nov-Feb

Educational Documents

Critical care CF ES Initial meeting and objectives Update Aug 2016


New appraisal documents