Neuro Bite-Sized Teaching Sessions

Welcome to the Neuro ICU Bite-size orientation programme, Below is a series of eight 30 minute video’s on a selection of neuro topics. Each session is fifteen minutes of power – point slides followed by a case study.

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Bitesize session 8 – a 30 minute session on catastrophic brain injury
Bitesize session 7 – A 25 minute presentation on GBS including a case study
Bitesize session 6 – A 30 Minute Presentation on Myasthenia Gravis Including a case study

Bitesize session 5 – A 26 Minute video on care of the spinal patient

Bitesize session 4 – A 30 minute session on seizures and their management
Bitesize session 3 – A 30 minute video on sodium imbalances and their management

Bitesize session 2 – A 13 Minute video in TBI management ( Due to wifi issues in the live session this has been recorded without an audience)
Bitesize session 1 – A 31 minute video presentation on the pathology of a SAH using a case study